Monsigneur Wilfrid Joseph Langlois

Excerpts from the 26 May 1965 Windsor Star article: 650 Hail "The Dean"

... A man cited as "one of the giants of the priesthood" by his bishop was feted Tuesday night at Cleary Auditorium on the occasion of his 50th anniversary as a Roman Catholic priest, Rt. Rev. Wildrid J. Langlois, Dean of Essex, a Windsor native who served all but three years of his clerical life in his home city, was often near tears as he greeted approximately 650 persons who turned out to honor the Dean of Essex at his Golden Jubilee celebration.

... The program began in the late afternoon with the offering of a solemn High Mass of Thanksgiving at our Lady of Rosary Church where Monsignor Langlois has been pastor emeritus since his retirement in December.

... Mr. Davies described the dean as "a man of great proportions --- large in physique but larger still in charity, large in individuality but larger still in faith, large in tolerance but larger still in understanding."

... Monsignor Langlois said "I owe you a world of gratitue for the unearned and undeserved honor you have bestowed upon me.  Would I could relive my life to better earn these honors."  Said Bishop Carter earlier: "The Church of God is not only honoring you, but honoring itself by honoring you."   

.... end of article


Monsignor Langlois died October 19, 1971 age 80 years at the residence of St. Mary's Academy and is buried in St. Alphonous Cemetary.

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